1. Design and management guidelins for enhancing monument utilization
Srivipa Thitithangkoon and Pornphan Verapreyagura

2. Development of soybean rolling injection planter
Rattana karoonboonyanan, Nopparat Seehawong and Kadit Kwrangtrakul

3. Preparations and properties of surimi gels from tilapia and red tilapia
Thanachan Mahawanich

4. Production, isolation and application of biosurfactant-bioemulsifer by oil contaminated soil isolate enterobacter cloacae lk5
Siripun Sarin and charoon Sarin

5. Properties of activated carbon from lignite
Sumrit Mopoung, Laddawan Anuwetch and Supattra Inkum

6. Risky sexual behaviors of adolescents and youth in educational institutions, phitsanulok province
Wongduan Suwannakeeree, Nuntana Numfone and Worawan Tipwareeroom

7. Secondary metabolites from the red seaweeds plocamium species
Jongkolnee Jongaramruong

8. Simple steps in reconstruction of phylogenetic trees
Somchai Saengamnatdej

9. Sorption isotherms, drying kinetics and qualities of osmotically pretreated fruits undergoing forced convection solar drying
Jindaporn Jamradloedluk and Songchai Wiriyaumpaiwong

10. The properties of nanostructured zno thin film via sol-gel coating
Sumetha Suwanboon