1. Application of cross flow heat exchanger modified from automobile air-conditioning condenser a case study of waste heat recovery from hot water for air preheating
Kwanchai Kraitong, Atipong Nuntaphan

2. Characterization of calcium-dependent phosphatase activity of calcineurin in cultured cortical neurons
Nanteetip Limpeanchob

3. Intervention on managing drug related problems in hospitalized patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) in buddachinnaraj phitsanulok hospital
Wimolwan Phanphao, Sompong Jenghua, Waraporn Supamoon, Athagran Nakham

4. Neurochemical abnormalities in schizophrenia
Sutisa Nudmamud-Thanoi

5. Performance testing of tray-type desiccant unit for longan drying process
Atipoang Nuntaphan, Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat, Natthawut Dussadee

6. Thermoplastic toughened epoxy networks and their toughening mechanisms in some systems
Metha Rutnakornpituk

7. Water quality of nan river flowing through agricultural and urban areas of phitsanulok province
Warangluck Sonklin, Chaiwat Photong