1. An economic analysis of intra-industry trade between thailand and other apec countries
Sujinda Chemsripong

2. An overview of energy and environmental impacts of thailand during 1991-2000
Jompob Waewsak, Sirinuch Chindaruksa, Mareena Mani and Jatupom Kaew-on

3. Comparisons between usdc (is-54) and gsm
Surachet Kanprachar

4. Development of a learning process reform model
Wareerat kaewurai, Teamjun Panichparinchai Chada Klinchareon and Somchai Tuchtanakul

5. Development of the solar tunnel dryer for agricultural products combined with biomass gasifier
Wattanapong Rakwichian,Bongkot Prasit, Sukruedee Nathakaranakule and Prisit Maneechot

6. Effects of acid solutions used to prepare chitosan films on their water swelling properties and water vapor permeability
Metha Rutnakompituk, Chonticha Lekkla, Duangduan Chornkokekruad, and Pichet Chuapang

7. Transformation growth factor (tgf-) superfamily signaling and their novel candidateantagonist, high-temperature requirement factor a (htra3)
Jiraporn Tocharus