1. Arteriolar branching patterns in the brain of the fruit bats (pteropus lylei)
Natthiya Sakulsak

2. Development of a model for university is mission to develop local arts a case study of naresuan university
Jirawat Phirasant and Viroon Thongjaron

3. Full range leadership development model for school administrators in the basic education
Prateep Binchai and Nipon Kinawong

4. Ideal roles, perceived roles and actual roles of basic education school administrators
Thawat Boonyamanee and Chantana Chanbanchong

5. Impact of providing continuing pharmaceutical education article on pharmaceutical care services of osteoarthritic patient by community pharmacists in bangkok
Kamol Kunaprasert, Chaiporn Pumkam, Atiporn Doomkeaw and Chanthonrat Sitthiworanan

6. Key performance indicators and assessment criteria at faculty level
Wiboon Wattanatorn

7. The teacher-counselor management system in the basic education level
Somluk Prommeenate and Chantana Chanbanchong