1. Population density and habitat of siamang and agile gibbon in bala forest, southern thailand
Sutthirak Nongkaew, Sara Bumrungsri, W arren Y. B rockelman, Tommaso Savini, Anak Pattanavibool and Siriporn Thong-Ari

2. A new species of the ant genus calyptomyrmex emery, 1887 (hymenoptera: formicidae: myrmicinae) from laos and new record of c. rectopilosus from thailand and hong kong
Weeyawat Jaitrong and Seiki Yamane

3. Ant brood banditry by the jumping spider, siler semiglaucus (simon, 1901)
Timothy C. Hawes

4. The need to protect: a comparison between three plant diversity plots in northeast thailand
Peter C. van Welzen, Machiel Visser, Nanthawan Suphunte, Sommanussa Saengrit and Voradol Chamchumroon

5. Congregations of tear drinking bees at human eyes: foraging strategies for an invaluable resource by lisotrigona in thailand (apidae, meliponini)
Hans Banziger

6. An ethnobotanical note on nepenthes mirabilis in lao pdr outhanekone and thomas r. rainwater
Steven G. Platt, Oudomxay Thongsavath, Pakham Outhanekone and Thomas R. Rainwater