1. Additions to the moss floras of mindanao and the philippines with a focus on the rediscovery of euptychium setigerum
Benito C. Tan, James R. Shevock, Andrea G. Azuelo and Lesley Lubos

2. Diplycosia kitangladensis sp. nov. from mindanao, the philippines, and a taxonomic reassessment of d. trinervia
Peter W. Fritsch and Victor B. Amoroso

3. A new species of strobilanthes (acanthaceae) from western thailand
J. R. I. Wood and R. W. Scotland

4. J. f. maxwell’s contribution to botanical specimen collection and the taxonomy of melastomataceae
Lahiru S. Wijedasa

5. Memecylon maxwellii (melastomataceae), a new species of limestone endemic woody tree
Lahiru S. Wijedasa

6. Revisiting astrocalyx merr. (astronieae: melastomataceae): new morphological observations on the philippine endemic, enigmatic, endangered and monotypic genus
Jeffrey P. Mancera, Darin S. Penneys and Fulgent P. Coritico

7. Economic importance of oleoresin (dipterocarpus alatus) to forest-adjacent households in cambodia
Anne-Mette H?ls Dyrmose, Nerea Turreira-Garcia

8. Diversity, knowledge, and use of leafy vegetables in northern thailand—maintenance and transmission of ethnobotanical knowledge during urbanisation
Nerea Turreira-Garc?a, Anna M. Vilkamaa, Anja Byg and Ida Theilade

9. The aroid scarab peltonotus nasutus (coleoptera: scarabaeidae) in thailand and its association with amorphophallus paeoniifolius (araceae)
Robert W. Sites