1. A new species of cascade frog (amphibia ranidae) from thailand with new data on rana banaorum and rana morafkai
Raoul H. Bain and Bryan L. Stuart

2. Are hill mynas (gracula religiosa) more common in disturbed than in virgin forest habit ats
Walter A. Sontag, Jr.

3. Distribution of lyle's flying fox (pteropus lylei) camps in central thailand

4. Elephant crop raiding problems and their solutions at kui burl national park, southwestern thailand
Mattana Srikrachang and Sompoad Srikosamatara

5. Field discrimination between lesser short-nosed fruit bat (cynopterus brachyotis muller, 1838) and greater short-nosed fruit bat(c. sphinx vahl, 1797) (chlroptera- pteropodidae)
Sara Bumrungsri and Paul A.Racey

6. First record of lycodon cardamomensis from thailand, with a key to thai lycodon (serpentes colubridae)
Olivier S. Pauwels, Montri Sumontha, Patrick David , Tanya Chan-ard and Gernot Vogel

7. Fossil biodiversity in the limestones of thailand a cornucopia of information about the history of life
Henri Fontaine, Sirot Salyapongse and Varavudh Suteethorn

8. Himantura kittipongi, a new species of freshwater whiptailed stingray from the maekhlong river of thailand (elasmobranchii, dasyatididae)
Chavalit Vidthayanon and Tyson R. Roberts

9. Nhb.53.01.05-editor

10. Re-identification of a skeleton of the brydes whale (balaenoptera edeni) from the northern coast of borneo

11. Tertiary basin evolution in northern thailand a palynolgical point of view
Wickanet Songtham, Benjavun Ratanasthien, Manas watanasak, Dallas C. Mildenhal, Sampan singharjwarapan and Wittaya kandharosa

12. Tree dismantling-a display of male macaques at phu khieo wildlife sanctuary, thailand