1. A field guide to the birds of thailand

2. Glimpses into fossil assemblages of thailand cforal perspectives
Henri Fontaine, Sirot Salyapongse and Varavudh Suteethorn

3. Latitudinal range limits of resident forest birds in thailand and the indochinese sundaic zoogeographic transition
Philip D. Round, Jennifer B. Hughes and David S. Woodruff

4. Optimized fishing gear operations in sirinthorn reservoir, thailand
Tuantong Jutagate and Niklas S. Mattson

5. Rhythms of the river lunar phases and migrations of small carps (cyprinidae) in the mekong river
Ian G. Baird, Mark S. Flaherty and Bounpheng Phylavanh

6. The location of the indochinese-sundaic biogeographic transition in plants and animals
David S. Woodruff