1. A new color phase of ursus thibetanus (mammalia ursidae) from southeast asia

2. A new species of distichochlamys from vietnam and some observations on generic limits in hedychieae
Kai Larsen and Mark Newman

3. A record of oriolus traillii nigellicauda from thailand

4. Ayarnangra estuarius, a new genus and species of sisorid catfish from the ayeyarwaddy basin, myanmar
Tyson R. Roberts

5. Conservation status and distribution of the indochinese tiger (panthera tigris corbetti) and other large mammals in a forest complex in northeastern thailand
Antony J. Lynam, Kitti Kreetiyutanont and Robert Mather

6. First record of the dance fly genus hilara in thailand with descriptions of five new species (insecta, diptera, empididae)
Patrick Grootaert and Verapong Kiatsoonthorn

7. Isaac asimovs views on over-population widely ignored but highly relevant
Tyson R. Roberts

8. Stand structure of a seasonal dry evergreen forest at huai kha khaeng wildlife sanctuary, western thailand
Sarayudh Bunyavejchewin, Patrick J. Baker, James V. LaFrankie, and Peter S. Ashton

9. The honey bees of thailand (hymenoptera apidae)

10. Vegetation and vascular flora along the yetagun-yadana gas pipeline, taninthayi (tenasserim) division, myanmar
J.F. Maxwell