1. A key to the sea snakes in the gulf of thailand
John C, Murphy, Merel J. Cox and Harold K. Voris

2. A photographic guide to snakes and other reptiles of peninsular malaysia, singapore and thailand

3. A plea for proenvironment eia
Tyson R. Roberts

4. A record of chelisoches bimammatus (dermaptera chelisochidae) on the fruit bat eonycteris spelaea (chiroptera pteropodidae) in thailand

5. A record of the grey-bellied tesia tesia cyalliventer (aves sylviidae) from doi inthanon, northern thailand

6. Annotated checklist and identification key to the whales, dolphins, and porpoises (order cetacea) of thailand and adjacent waters
Michael Andersen and Carl Chr. Kinze

7. Ecology and behavior of the indochinese leopard in kaeng krachan national park, thailand
Lon I. Grassman Jr.

8. Mae yom national park a precious national botanical treasure
J. F. Maxwell

9. Pangasius bedado, a new species of molluscivorous catfish from sumatra (pisces,
Tyson R. Roberts

10. Primates in protected areas of northern vietnam
Michael Hill

11. Spot-winged grosbeak, mycerobas melallozanthos a new species for vietnam

12. Transboundary expedition on thai-malaysia border reveals elephant and sumatran rhinoceros populations threatened by poaching
Antony J. Lynam