1. Acute toxicity of various metals to moina macrocopa
Prayad Pokethitiyook, E. Suchart Upatham and Orathai Leelhaphunt

2. Anguidae, a new family of lizard for thailand

3. Biological and taxonomic studies on immature and adult fruit-piercing moths in nepal, with reference
Hars Banziger

4. Effects of water hardness and temperature on toxicity of detergents to the fershwater prawn macrobrachiym rosenbergii
Orathai Leelhaphunt, E. Suchart Upatham, Boonserm Poolsanguan, Maitree Duangsawasdi and Pakit Kiravanich

5. Foraging behaviour of the crab plover dromas ardeola at ko libong, southern thailand
C. Swennen, N. Ruttanadakul, S. Ardseungnurn and J.R. Howes

6. On the male of liphistius trang (araneae, mesothelae), with notes on the natural historyof the species
Peter J. Schwendinger

7. Persian gulf sea snake, hydrophis lapemoides (gray) new records from phuket island, andaman sea and strait of malacca