1. A comparison of asiatic and north american sapsuckers
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2. A new form of rail from the celebes
S. Dillon Ripley

3. A revision of the philippine trogon (harpactes ardens)
Kenneth C. Parkes

4. A selection of notes on the broad trends of dispersal mostly of old world avifauna
Leon Croizat

5. An annotated list of the publications of the late herbert girton deignan (1906-1968)
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6. On the generic classification of the weaverbirds of the malimbus-ploceus group
H.E. Wolters

7. Species formation in the blue monarch flycatchers genus hypothymis
A.L. and

8. The contribution of gilbert tirant to indochinese ornithology
J. Delacour

9. Three notes on thai birds
H. Elliot McClure

10. Variation in the trachea of the cracidae (galliformes) in relation to their classification
Dean Amadon