1. A new variety of bauhinia involucellata and its chromosome number
Kai Larsen

2. Bryophytae indosinicae reliquiae pierreanae
P. Tixier

3. Check-list of fungi in the forest herbarium
Dhanee Phanichapol

4. Miscellaneous notes on thai mosses
A. Touw

5. Notes on some birds apparently new to nothern thailand
Kitti Tonglongya

6. Notes on thai birds 1
E.C. dickinson and Somtob Chaiyaphun

7. Report on the fifth thai-danish expedition 1966
G. Seidenfaden, T. Smitinand and G.Tharson

8. The ueang sae orchid (dendrobium scabrilingue lindl.)
Phya Winit Wanandon ( To Komes)

9. Vegetation of khao yai national park
Tem Smitinand