1. A contribution to the ornithology of doi suthep and chieng mai
E.C. Dickinson and Somtob Chaiyaphun

2. A further contribution on the birds of khao yai national park
E.C. Dickinson

3. Ecology of the red jungle fowl in thailand and malaya with reference to the origin of domestication
Nicholas E. collias and Pairath Saichuae

4. Nature and distribution of extractives in teak (tectona grandis linn.) from thailand
Thanom Premrasmi and H.H. Dietrichs

5. New records of thai plants-iii
Tem Smitinand

6. Notes on a collection of herpetological specimens recently donated to the centre for thai national reference collections
Paul Soderberg

7. Notes on the butterflies along the kwai noi between sai yok and wang po
Philip A. Reeves

8. Notes on the butterflies of khao yai national park-part ii (including additions and corrections to part i)
Philip A. Reeves

9. Notes on the island of bawean (java sea) with special reference to the birds
A. Hoogerwarf

10. Notes on type locality of some birds and mammals collected by count nils gyldenstolpe in thailand
Kitti Thonglongya

11. Orchids collected during the japanese expeditions to thailand in 1958 and 1965-1966
Tem Smitinand