1. The port of gothenburg under the influence of the fourth stage of the industrial revolution implementing a wide portfolio of digital tools to optimize the c
Dimitrios Dalaklis, Anastasia Christodoulou, Aykut Ibrahim Olcer, Fabio Ballini, Angelos Dalaklis, Khanssa Lagdami

2. Wind-assisted propulsion economic and ecological considerations
Karsten Hochkirch, Volker Bertram

3. Integrating uuvs for naval applications
Nitin Agarwala

4. Cross-correlation analysis of wind speeds and displacements of a long- span bridge with gnss under extreme wind conditions
Hongbo Wang, Xiaolin Meng, Chaohe Chen

5. Perceptions of the yangtze river cruise ship brand based on text semantic analysis a web big data perspective
Helong Tong, Xian Yu, Wenjing Xu, Hua Li

6. Authentic assessment and academic performance of marine engineering students a correlational study
Peter Ralph B. Galicia