1. Determining the loss of efficiency of twin propeller systems in circulation maneuvers
Dobrin Efremov

2. Experimental study on kcs container ship initial turning at low speed in regular waves
Evgeni Milanov, Dobrin Efremov, Anton Anastasov

3. Managing marine environmental pollution using artificial intelligence
Nitin Agarwala

4. Port sustainable supply chain management framework contributing to the united nations’ sustainable development goals
Anas Saleh Alamoush, Fabio Ballini, Dimitrios Dalaklis

5. Exploring structured scripting cartographic technique of gmt for ocean seafloor modeling a case of the east indian ocean
Polina Lemenkova

6. Evaluating the implementation framework of the international ship and port facility security code in the republic of azerbaijan
Natig Hasanov, Mohamed Farhan Alsulaiman

7. Economic feasibility of lng fuel for trans ocean-going ships a case study of container ships
Yifan Wang, Laurie Wright, Pengfei Zhang