1. A novel vortex-induced vibration-based piezoelectric powered generator for maritime propulsion systems
Sirawit Shimpalee, Vijay Sethuraman, Mitchelle Spigner, Sirivatch Shimpalee

2. The use of cyber ranges in the maritime context assessing maritime-cyber risks, raising awareness, and providing training
Kimberly Tam, Kemedi Moara-Nkwe, Kevin D Jones

3. Learning and learning-to-learn by doing an experiential learning approach for integrating human factors into maritime design education
Apsara Abeysiriwardhane, Margareta L?tzh?ft, Samrat Ghosh

4. Smart technologies and dematerialization as new opportunities for the design of more sustainable ships case studies in cruise vessel design
Giuseppe Carmosino, Silvia Piardi , Andrea Ratti

5. The role of chittagong port to support msr in providing maritime transport facilities through intermodal in asia
Razon Chandra Saha

6. Problems encountered by the newly-hired seafarers onboard ship the basis for a health intervention program
Peter Ralph Galicia