1. Challenges in the integration of data management systems (dms) in ship operations
Pengfei Zhang, Lasith Anthony De Silva, Sriram Rajagopal

2. Method for zoning operation of roundabout warehouse for packaging dangerous goods under safety red line
Xufeng Tang, Xue Sun, Fangwei Zhang, Zhidan Liu, Lin Yu, Shuhong Wang

3. Applying a algorithm in routing for inter-terminal transport system at busan port
Long Le Ngoc Bao, Duy Anh Nguyen, Kim Hwan-Seong

4. Effect of aquaculture-agriculture sewage on the relation between iron and other trace element content in venus clam from the coastal lagoons of the gulf of california
H?ctor Hugo Vargas-Gonz?lez, Jos? Alfredo Arreola-Liz?rraga, L?a Celina M?ndez-Rodr?guez, Ram?n Gaxiola-Robles, Jaqueline Garc?a-Hern?ndez, Sergio Ticul Alvarez-Casta?eda

5. The labor market of chinese cruise seafarers demand, opportunities, and challenges
Hua Li, Pengfei Zhang, Helong Tong