1. Permafrost dynamic change on the tibetan plateau under climatic warming since 1950s
Zhihua Zhang, Annette Rinke and John C. Moore

2. Spatial and temporal air quality analysis of chinese cities using geographically and temporally weighted regression
Haiyan Xuan, Qi Li, Mahammad Amin and Anqi Zhang

3. Tool support for transforming unified modelling language sequence diagram to coloured petri nets
Dulani Meedeniya, Indika Perera and Juliana Bowles

4. The pell-circulant sequences and their applications
Omur Deveci

5. Internal-genetic-algorithm-based, energy-efficient clusters
Selim Bayrakli, Senol Zafer Erdogan and Turgut Kilinc

6. Land cover changes in tropical seasonal forests at mae klong head watershed, kanchanaburi province, thailand
Torlarp Kamyo, Dokrak Marod, Sura Pattanakiat, Songtum Suksawang and Samreong Panuthai

7. Experimental investigations of shear pin arrangement on soil slope resting on low interface friction plane
Rithy Ouch, Boonchai Ukritchon, Thirapong Pipatpongsa and Mohammad Hossein Khosravi

8. Hypersaline habitats and halophilic microorganisms
Imran Ali, Sehanat Prasongsuk, Ali Akbar, Muhammad Aslam, Pongtharin Lotrakul, Hunsa Punnapayak and Sudip K. Rakshit

9. On converse theorems for the discrete b?rmann power series method of summability
Sefa Anil Sezer and Ibrahim Canak

10. Common solutions to a system of generalised unrelated variational inequalities
Haider Abbas Rizvi, Rais Ahmad and Vishnu Narayan Mishra