1. Enhancement of carotenoid and chlorophyll content of an edible freshwater alga (kai cladophora sp.) by supplemen- tary inorganic phosphate and investigation
Taweesak Khuantrairong and Siripen Traichaiyaporn

2. Performance of self-excited induction generator with cost-effective static compensator
Yogesh K. Chauhan, Sanjay K. Jain and Bhim Singh

3. Benthic diatoms of mekong river and its tributaries in northern and north-eastern thailand and their application to water quality monitoring
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4. Fourteennew records of cercosporoidsfrom thailand
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5. On the security of an anonymous roaming protocol in umts mobile networks
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6. Influence of mev h ion beam flux on cross-linking and blister formation in pmma resist
Somrit Unai, Nitipon Puttaraksa, Nirut Pussadee1, 2, Kanda Singkarat 4, Michael W. Rhodes , Harry J. Whitlow and Somsorn Singkarat

7. Degradation of bisphenol a by ozonation rate constants influence of inorganic anions and by-products
Kheng Soo Tay, Noorsaadah Abd. Rahman and Mhd. Radzi Bin Abas

8. Chitinase production and antifungal potential of endophytic streptomyces strain p4
Julaluk Tang-um and Hataichanoke Niamsup

9. Water quality variation and algal succession in commercial hybrid catfish production ponds
Chatree Wirasith and Siripen Traichaiyaporn

10. Determination of production-shipment policy using a two-phase algebraic approach
Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu , Hong-Dar Lin and Huei-Hsin Chang

11. Iis-mine a new efficient method for mining frequent itemsets
Supatra Sahaphong and Veera Boonjing

12. Lipase-catalysed sequential kinetic resolution of a-lipoic acid
Hong De Yan, Yin Jun Zhang, Li Jing Shen and Zhao Wang