1. Mjst.04.01.10editor is note

2. Asymptotic confidence interval for the coefficient of variation of poisson distribution a simulation study
Wararit Panichkitkosolkul

3. Development of carvedilol assay in tablet dosage form using hplc with fluorescence detection
Pattana Sripalakit, Somsak Kaewnok and Sakawrat Tubtonglang

4. The value of h-e 2 from quantum hall effect
Keshav N. Shrivastava

5. Effect of heat on laterised concrete
Efe E. Ikponmwosa and Musbau A. Salau

6. Modelling of natural convection along isothermal plates and in channels using diffusion velocity method
Ademola A. Dare and Moses O. Petinrin

7. Crossing points in the electronic band structure of vanadium oxide
Noriza A. Zabidi, Hasan A. Kassim and Keshav N. Shrivastava

8. Urban vascular flora and ecological characteristics of kadikoy district istanbul turkey
Etem Osma, İbrahim İ. Özyiğit , Volkan Altay and Memduh Serin

9. Application of separation of variables in green is function to typical half-strip problem for elastic material
Paul J. Udoh and Asuquo E. Eyo

10. Physico-chemical characteristics of the rhizosphere soils of some cereal crops in ambo woreda west shoa ethiopia
Louis E. Attah

11. Nutritional and fatty acid profiles of sun-dried edible black ants (polyrhachis vicina roger)
Subhachai Bhulaidok, Oranut Sihamala, Lirong Shen and Duo Li

12. Selection of efficient wavelengths in nir spectrum for determination of dry matter in kiwi fruit
Lü Qiang, Tang Mingjie, Cai Jianrong, Lu Huazhu and Sumpun Chaitep

13. Field programmable gate array (fpga) implementation of novel complex pn-code-generator- based data scrambler and descrambler
Ghulam M. Bhat , Muhammad Mustafa , Shabir A. Parah, Javaid Ahmad

14. Enhan cement of transparency and accuracy of credit scoring models through genetic fuzzy classifier
Adel Lahsasna, Raja N. Ainon and Teh Y. Wah

15. Semiclassical three-valley monte carlo simulation analysis of steady-state and transient electron transport within bulk inas xp 1-x inas and inp
Hadi Arabshahi , Mahmoud R. Rokn-Abadi and Fatemeh Badieyan