1. Recent trends in silicon carbide device research
Munish Vashishath, and Ashoke K. Chatterjee

2. Embryonic development, hatching, mineral consumption, and survival of macrobrachium rosenbergii (de man) reared in artificial seawater in closed recirculating water system at different levels
Krasindh Hangsapreurke, Thon Thamrongnawasawat , Sorawit Powtongsook, Pratak Tabthipwon, Prajuab Lumubol, and Boonyarath Pratoomchat

3. Effect of trifluralin on production of male bicellular cells in sai num phueng mandarin (citrus reticulata) calamondin (citrofortunella mitis) and paen lime (citrus aurantifolia)
Sahha Toolapong

4. Image-based fingerprint verification system using labview
Ajat S. Arora and Sunil K. Singla

5. Oilseed rape straw for cultivation of oyster mushroom
Ahmad Norouzi, Gholamali Peyvast , and Jamalali Olfati

6. Science and technology research in thailand - some comparisons from the data regarding thailand 's position in the region based on volume of published work
Terry Commins, Warinthorn Songkasiri, Suvit Tia , and Bundit Tipakorn

7. Effect of glomus mosseae and plant growth promoting rhizomicroorganisms (pgpr's) on growth, nutrients and content of secondary metabolites in begonia malabarica lam.
Thangavel Selvaraj, Sevanan Rajeshkumar, Mathan C. Nisha, Lakew Wondimu, and Mitiku Tesso

8. Application of a modified monte carlo method for the simulation of heat conduction in a rectangular slab
Ademola. A. Dare and Olusoji Ofi

9. Microscale electrochemical cell using plaster (caso 4 ) as liquid junction
Yuthapong Udnan, Wipharat Chuachuad, and Ratana Sanunmuang

10. Biochemical changes in the liver of swiss albino mice orally exposed to acrylamide
Asha Sharma, Renu Sharma, and Jyotsna Jain

11. Change in d ry matter and nutritive composition of brachiaria humidicola grown in ban thon soil series
Jeerasak Chobtang, Sakda Prajakboonjetsada, Supida Watananawin, and Auraiwan Isuwan

12. Production of generation-2 mekong giant catfish ( pangasinodon gigas ) cultured with spirulina sp.
Kriangsak Meng-umphan and Jaruwan Saengkrachang

13. Nutritive composition of soybean by-products and nutrient digestibility of soybean pod husk
Sompong Sruamsiri* and Pirote Silman