1. A flow injection system for the spectrophotometric determination of lead after preconcentration by solid phase extraction onto amberlite xad-4
Jintana Klamtet,Nungruthai Suphrom, and Chonthicha Wanwat

2. A survey on the energy consumption and demand in a tertiary institution
Adekunle O. Adelaja, Olatunde Damisa, Sunday A. Oke, Akinwale B. Ayoola, and Allen O. Ayeyemitan

3. Abundance, food habits and breeding season of exotic tilapia zillii and native o reochromis niloticus l. fish species in lake zwai , ethiopia
Alemayehu Negassa and Padanillay C. Prabu

4. Changes in viscoelastic properties of longan during hot-air drying in relation to its indentation
Jatuphong Varith, Chanisara Noochuay, Tipaporn Khamdang and Adisorn Ponpai

5. Characterisation of sewage wastewater and assessment of downstream pollution along huluka river of ambo, ethiopia
Padanilly Chidambaram Prabu, Zerihun Teklemariam, Tadele Nigusse, Sevanan Rajeshkumar, Lakew Wondimu, Alemayehu Negassa, Ephrem Debebe, Esayas Aga, Asfaw Andargie & Asefa Keneni

6. Design and fabrication of a micro-volume autotitrator with potentiometric end-point detection for the determination of acidity of some fruit juices
Prinya Masawat, Saisunee Liawruangrath , and Suphachock Upalee

7. Determination of abscisic acid hormone (aba), mineral content, and distribution pattern of 13c photoassimilates in bark-ringed young peach trees
A. B. M. Sharif Hossain and Fusao Mizutani

8. Effect of heavy metals on the level of vitamin e, total lipid and glycogen reserves in the liver of common carp ( cyprinus carpio l.)
Vinodhini Rajamanickam and Narayanan Muthuswamy

9. Effects of terminalia bellerica roxb. methanolic extract on mouse immune response in vitro
Aurasorn Saraphanchotiwitthaya,Pattana Sripalakit , and Kornkanok Ingkaninan

10. Elementary theory of quantum hall effect
Keshav N. Shrivastava

11. Journal impact factors--their use and misuse
Robert Molloy

12. On-line preconcentration and determination of tetracycline residues in milk using solid-phase extraction in conjunction with flow injection spectrophotometry
Prinya Masawat 1, * , Sutthinee Mekprayoon 1 , Saisunee Liawruangrath 2 , Suphachock Upalee 2 , and Napaporn Youngvises 3

13. Potential of wind power for thailand - an assessment
Stuart Major, Terry Commins and Annop Noppharatana

14. Preparation of aluminium lakes by electrocoagulation
Prapai Pradabkham * and Neeranuch Chairungsi

15. Recent trends in silicon carbide device research
Munish Vashishath & A.K.Chatterjee

16. Stopped-flow injection spectrophotometric method for determination of chlorate in soil
Sarawut Somnam, Kate Grudpan , and Jaroon Jakmunee

17. Theoretical analysis and design of double implanted mosfet on 6h silicon carbide wafer for low power dissipation and large breakdown voltage
Munish Vashishath and Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee

18. Variability in growth, nutrition and phytochemical constituents of plectranthus amboinicus (lour) spreng. as influenced by indigenous arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.
Sevanan Rajeshkumar 1, *, Mathan C. Nisha 2 , and Thangavel Selvaraj 3

19. Vehicle jack with wedge mechanism
Ademola A. Dare and Sunday A. Oke

20. Water quality of wenchi crater lake in ethiopia ecotoxicology research center , ambo university college , p.o.box.19, ambo town , western shoa , ethiopia
Malairajan Singanan , Lakew Wondimu, and Mitiku Tesso