1. A multi-criteria model for maintenance job scheduling
Oladimeji F. Ogunwolu, Sunday A. Oke and Oluwatoyin P. Popoola

2. Addendum to vegetation of doi tung, chiang rai province, northern thailand
James F. Maxwell

3. An investigation of a defensive chitinase against fusarium oxysporum in pepper leaf tissue
Paranya Chaiyawat , Chuanpit Boonchitsirikul, and Khemika S. Lomthaisong

4. Application of ft-nir spectroscopy to the measurement of fruit firmness of fuji apples
Saritporn Vittayapadung, Zhao Jiewen, Chen Quansheng and Rachata Chuaviroj

5. Biological indices for classification of water quality around mae moh power plant, thailand
Pongsarun Junshum, Somporn Choonluchanon and Siripen Traichaiyaporn

6. Computational analysis and visualisation of wind-driven naturally ventilated flows around a school building
Chanawat Nitatwichit, Yottana Khunatorn, and Nakorn Tippayawong

7. Effect of heavy metals induced toxicity on metabolic biomarkers in common carp (cyprinus carpio l.)
Vinodhini Rajamanickam and Narayanan Muthuswamy

8. Invited article mjst.2.01.08-editor

9. Machinability study on discontinuously reinforced aluminium composites (dracs) using response surface methodology and taguchi’s design of experiments under dry cutting condition
Raviraj Shetty , Raghuvir Pai , Srikanth S. Rao, and Vasanth Kamath

10. Nickel-aluminium complex- a simple and effective precursor for nickel aluminate (nial2o4) spinel
Panitat Hasin, Nattamon Koonsaeng and Apirat Laobuthee

11. Phytoremediation of kitchen wastewater by spirulina platensis (nordstedt) geiteler- pigment content, production variable cost and nutritional value
Jongkon Promya, Siripen Traichaiyaporn,*, Richard Deming

12. Quantitative characterisation of an engineering write-up using random walk analysis
Babatunde Alabi, Tajudeen A. Salau, and Sunday A. Oke

13. Simultaneous production of a-cellulose and furfural from bagasse by steam explosion pretreatment
Vittaya Punsuvon, Pilanee Vaithanomsat and Kenji Iiyama

14. Spectrophotometric flow-injection analysis assay of tetracycline antibiotics using a dual light-emitting diode
Prinya Masawat Saisunee Liawruangrath, and Suphachock Upalee

15. Stopped-flow injection method for determination of phosphate in soils and fertilisers
Sarawut Somnam, Kate Grudpan and Jaroon Jakmunee