1. Supplements of saccharomyces cerevesiae on production performance of lactating cows
Suteerawat Punmalai, Phongthorn Kongmun, Pornsri Chirattanayuth, Somjit Surapat

2. Effects of four essential oils on the growth of aflatoxin producing fungi
Dusanee Thanaboripat, Chanita Sarutipaisan, Chutima Puangtong, Phurin Chatpongsatorn, Yaowapa Suvatti, Sujitra Sukonthamut, Sittichai Charoensettasilp

3. Effect of oxygen plasma on tin oxide nanorods prepared by glad technique
Chaiyan Oros

4. Surface wettability of silica films modified by uv ozone treatment
Russameeruk Noonuruk, Jaran Sritharathikhun, Wisanu Pecharapa

5. Analysis of difference equations for population genetics
Puntani Pongsumpun

6. Genetic studies on the relationship between isozymes and allelopathic activity in hybrid rice
Essam Adel Zaki El Shamey, Walid Hassan Ali Elgama, Mahmoud Abdallah Ali El Sayed

7. Evaluation of maternal effect and hybrid vigor using genetic relationships based on molecular and phenotypic distances between parents and their hybrids in okra
Mohammed Hassan Abd El-Aziz, Mohamed Saad lbrahim Hamada, Sayed Yossef Mohamed, Manal Mohamed EI-sayed Zaater

8. Bacteriocins from lactobacillus strains and their anti-listeria monocytogenes in nham, thai fermented pork
Suree Nanasomba, Saranya Phunpruch, Natthaneewan Charoenrak

9. Dna barcoding of five medicinal plants from siwa oasis, egypt
Abeer Mohamed