1. Model of peacock tail covert feather based on its microscopic structure
Chinawat Vilasineewan, Suchada Siripant and Wina Meckvichai

2. A perturbation result for bounded solutions of linear differential systems under the integrable dichotomy condition
Parinya Sa Ngiamsunthorn

3. Downscaling geopotential height using lapse rate
Chiranya Surawut and DusadeeāļĒ Sukawat

4. An approximation of a linear advection equation using the meshfree method
Amorn Koomsubsiri, Dusadee Sukawat and Suwon Tangmanee

5. Regional climate downscaling by artificial neural network
Wachiraporn Permpoonsinsup and Dusadee Sukawat

6. An sir epidemic model with gravity in patchy environment- analyses for two patches system
Sompon Puangsun and Klot Patanarapeelert

7. The simulation of effect of fin on natural convection in porous non-uniformly heated triangular cavities
Paweena Khansila and Supot Witayangkurn

8. Visualization of conjugate natural convection in a square enclosure divided by conducting partition
Pensiri Sompong and Supot Witayangkurn

9. Robust control with finite time convergence for flexible spacecraft attitude tracking
Kanoktip Kotsamran and Chutiphon Pukdeboon

10. Switching law of a three second-order linear time invariant switched system
W. Wattanapanich and T. Mouktonglang

11. Some remarks on visible actions on multiplicity-free spaces
Atsumu Sasaki

12. A survey of extremal rays for fano manifolds
Toru Tsukioka

13. Natural convection in a porous square enclosure with partially cooled from vertical wall
Wiratchada Kalaoka and Supot Witayangkurn

14. Local stability analysis of mathematical model for hemorrhagic conjunctivitis disease
Sireepatch Sangsawang, Tareerat Tanutpanit, Wannissa Mumtong and Puntani Pongsumpun

15. Forecasting model for para rubber s export sales
Tatiporn Pattranurakyothin and Kanchana Kumnungkit