1. Ethanol production on jackfruit seeds by selected fungi and yeast from loog-pang
Duangjai Ochaikul, Nisakorn Noiprasert, Wipawadee Laoprasert and Sasima Pookpun

2. Evaluation of surface water quality using multivariate statistical techniques- a case study of u-tapao river basin, thailand
Saroj Gyawali, KuaananTechato, Chumpol Yuangyai and Sathaporn Monprapusson

3. Antiviral activity of crude hexane extracts from allamanda cathartica on the replication of autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus
Ounruan Petcharawan, Nonlapan Paitoon, Preyanuch Sripaiboon and Siriwan Saelee

4. Optimization of air temperature and medium ph enhanced growths and 1 -acetoxychavicol acetate (aca) content of galangal plantlets in vitro
Kongake Siringam, Thammasak Thongket, Srunya Vajrodaya, Kriengkrai Mosaleeyanon and Chalermpol Kirdmanee

5. The selection method of fuzzy composite operators based on the clear field
Yi Yang, Yuqiang Feng and Luning Liu

6. Antibacterial activity of chrysanthemum indicum, centella asiatica and andrographis paniculata on bacillus cereus and listeria monocytogenes under low ph stress
Christina Vania Utami, Nateepat Pitinidhipat and Patchanee Yasurin

7. Antimicrobial activities of crude extracts from pomelo peel of khao-nahm-peung and khao-paen varieties
Linchong Suklampoo, Chitti Thawai, Rotsarin Weethong, Wannaporn Champathong

8. On the application of uncertainty models in copying machine maintenance problem
Samir A. Abass and Marwa Sh. Elsayed

9. Combination impact of turmeric extract and fermented vinegar on reduction of inoculated salmonella typhimurium on fresh lettuce
Warawut Krusong, Pattanan Dansai and Arunporn Itharat

10. The production of 5 -nucleotides by commercial mushrooms cultivated in liquid extracts of water hyacinth
Sakrin Boonlum, Oratai Sukcharoen and Dusanee Thanaboripat