1. Biocontrol efficacy of bacillus subtilis bcb3-19 against tomato gray mold
Sirirat Siripornvisal

2. Antifungal activity of ajowan oil against fusarium oxysporum
Sirirat Siripornvisal

3. Exploitation of aqueous plant extracts for reduction of fungal growth and detoxification of aflatoxins
Kiran Kumar Gali, D. Sri Rami Reddy, S. Yagnika, T. Nischala and Annie. S. Jacob

4. A mathematical model of cerebrospinal meningitis epidemic a case study for jirapa district ghana
E. N. Wiah and I. A. Adetunde

5. The estimation of electrical equivalent circuit model and behaviors of breakdown of euglena sanguinea ehrenberg stimulated by multi-level electromagnetic fields
K. Packamwongsang, S. Noppanakeepong, N. Naranong, P. Phaewbang, W. Packamwongsang, P. Pleuksananon