1. Density of states calculation for indium-arsenide zincblende based on density functional theory
Mohd Faudzi Umar and Ahmad Puaad Othman

2. Energy gap of cds by photoacoustic spectroscopy
Wicharn Techitdheera and Wisanu Pecharapa

3. Phosphatase activities of root-nodule bacteria and nutritional factors affecting production of phosphatases by representative bacteria from three different genera
Chonchanok Leelahawonge and Neelawan Pongsilp

4. The invention of mountable camera device for photo taking of light spectra diffracted from grating
Buncha Silskulsuk, Thanikan Sritonwong and Arunee Intasorn

5. Screening of fungi for the control of aspergillus parasiticus
Dusanee Thanaboripat, Nannapat Sappakitjanon, Luntharima Prommi, Sittichai Chareonsettasilp