1. Isolation and characterization of effective bacteria for solid waste degradation for organic manure
H. K. Zaved, M. Mizanur Rahman, M. Mashiar Rahman , Atiqur Rahman, S.M.Y. Arafat and M. Safiur Rahman

2. Major diseases of lettuce grown by commercial nutrient film technique in thailand
P. Koohakan, T. Jeanaksorn and I. Nuntagij

3. Application of non-thermal processing for preservation of orange juice
Jarupan Kuldiloke and Mohammad Naghi Eshtiaghi

4. Application of high electric field pulses for sugar cane processing
Jarupan Kuldiloke, Mohammad Naghi Eshtiaghi, Chatchai Neatpisarnvanit and Thanakorn Uan-On

5. The use of agricultural wastes as substrates for cell growth and carboxymethyl cellulase (cmcase) production by bacillus subtilis, escherichia coli and rhizobium sp.
Atchara Sudto, Yaowapa Punyathiti and Neelawan Pongsilp