1. A review of biological control methods for post harvest yams
R. N. Okigbo

2. A study of mango insect pests with emphasis on mango twig borer
Aurea C. Roxas and Efren Buenaventura

3. Antimicrobial activity of the essential oils of some iranian medicinal plants on gram negative organisms
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4. Biocontrol of aspergillus flavus and aflatoxin production
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5. Biological control of insect and mite pests of protected
G.A.W. Wijesekara and Jayantha Illankoon

6. Chitinase
Song Jinzhu and Yang Qian

7. Construction of a binary vector harboring bt gene and its transfer
Gao Xingxi, Yang Qian and Guo Zhaokui

8. Economic effects of pruning and bagging technologies in mango production in selected major producing areas in the philippines
Maria Excelsis and M. Orden

9. Expressed sequence tags (est)
Liu Pigang and Yang Qian

10. Expression pattern of glycogen synthase, glycogen phosphorylase-2,

11. Factors determinaning the adoption of pruning and bagging by major mango
Aurora S. Paderes and Maria Excelsis M. Orden

12. Fractal patterns in species distribution of some rare british plants
Georges Herbert, Chekuimo Tagne, W. E. Kunin, M. Pocock and R. Aston

13. Functional genomics
Huang Caihong and Yang Qian

14. Hot water treatment of mango a study of four export corporations
Jocelyn L. Aveno and Ma. Excelsis M. Orden

15. Inhibiting effect of 4 toxic mushroom strains and their toxins on cytospora chrysosperma (pers.) fr.
Song Ruiqing and Ji Ruiqing

16. Inhibition of aflatoxin production and growth of aspergillus by citronell oil
Dusanee Thanaboripat, Narumon Mongkoltabawut, Yaowapa Suvathi and Vararat Ruangrattanametee

17. Optimal condition for chromosomal imbalances analysis of cancer genome by comparative genomic hybridization
Supattar Poeaim, Budsaba Rerkamnuaychoke and Amara Campiranon

18. Optimization of single cell protein production from cassava processing wastewater by mixed culture of endomycopsis fibuligera tistr 5097 and candida utilis tistr5046
D. Ochaikul and P. Pangsri

19. Optimization of the sonication assisted liac/ss-dna-peg transformation of saccharomyces cerevisiae
Liu Beidong, Yang Qian, Chen Dianfu, Zhou Qi, Song Jinzhu, and Liu Heng

20. Peculiar and important contributions of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis viruses (cpv) in biotechnology, virology, physiology, and biological control of insects
Serge Belloncik

21. Producing bacterial cellulose using soybean whey based medium
Xue Lu, Yang Qian and Tang Yan

22. Production of cellulase by trichoderma viride under different fermentation conditions
Dong-Mei Sun , Yang Qian , Zhi-Wei Lin , Song Jin-Zhu

23. Production of starch-digesting glucoamylase from aspergillus niger atcc 10864
A. Rittiboon and W. Katemai

24. Rapid amplification of cdna ends (race)
Liu Pigang and Yang Qian

25. Research and development on bioengineering microbial, pesticide, bacillus thuringiensis wg - 001
Yu Ziniu, Sun Ming, Liu Ziduo, Li Lin and Meng Ying

26. Rna interference technology and its potential use in functional genomic analysis
Song Ying Qi and Yang Qian

27. Screening of trichoderma species for biological control activity on aspergillus flavus
Liu Ruiqian, Yang Qian, Dusanee Thanaboripat, and Prapimpuk Thansukon

28. Solarization and flooding: ipm strategies for the control of flea beetle (phylotreta spp.) coleoptera in pak-choi production
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31. The effect of chilling on regeneration of microspore derived embryos of
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33. The western approach to medicinal mushrooms
John E Smith and Richard Sullivan

34. Utilization of trichogramma parasitoid as biological control
Teotimo M. Aganon and Devendra Raj Adhikari