1. Comparison of rank-based weighting methods for multi-criteria decision making
Panitas Sureeyatanapas

2. Stability of alginate encapsulation beads for microalgae cultivation
Narunat Sewiwat, Tim C. Keener, Thunyalux Ratpukdi

3. Some physical properties of napier grass before and after chopping for producing biomass pellets
Kor Taweengern, Chaiyan Junsiri, Somposh Sudajan, Kittipong Laloon, Sakda Champana

4. Public participation in erosion monitoring on mekong mainstream
Amorndech Noulmanee, Thodsapol Chaturabul

5. The exploration characteristic of long flashover arrestor (lfa) with different ring’s breadth by using 1.2/50 microsecond positive and negative impulse voltage
Vilasay Solaphom, Kittipong Tonmitr, Norrawit Tonmitr, Eiji Kaneko

6. Amine-bearing activated rice husk ash for co2 and h2s gas removals from biogas
Nguyen Trung Thanh

7. Effect of various dimensions of cyclone combustor to burn raw producer gas
Chintara Raepet, Kiatfa Tangchaichit

8. An artificial bee colony algorithm with local search for vehicle routing problem with backhauls and time windows
Naritsak Tuntitippawan, Krisada Asawarungsaengkul

9. Freezing time of the impingement tunnel freezer enhancement
Thanarak Kosalwitr, Kiatfa Tangchaichit

10. A variant of pollard's rho method for the ecdlp over a field of characteristic two
Aekachai Nakhong, Bhichate Chiewthanakul

11. Direct conversion of methane to methanol on fe-porphyrin: a dft study
Bundet Boekfa, Kedubon Pitak, Songtham Ruangchaithaweesuk, Thana Maihom, Piti Treesukol

12. Fragility curves of reinforced-concrete buildings damaged by the 2004 tsunami
Piyawat Foytong, Anat Ruangrassamee

13. The software architecture of network management system based on elastics search technology
Natthakorn Chuaychoo, Thitaporn Rimdusit, Chanankorn Jandaeng

14. Reuse of sensor chip using uv/ozone method for surface plasmon resonance biosensor
Nott Santiketa, Toemsak Srikhirin, Chinnawuth Pipatpanukul, Chokchai Puttharugsa

15. Tsunami risk assessment of the 2004 indian ocean tsunami in kamala beach phuket
Piyawat Foytong, Anat Ruangrassamee

16. Controllers for balancing two wheeled inverted pendulum robot with pi feedback control
Kittisak Sanprasit, Pramin Artrit

17. Outsourcing decision factors of building operation and maintenance services in hospital business
Kittipong Suweero, Wutthipong Moungnoi

18. The development of logical root cause analysis in manufacturing process for mitigation loss and waste
Samart Mahaphol, Panumas Arundachawat

19. Development of high performance concrete containing high calcium fly ash
Charoenchai Ridtirud, Patcharapol Posi, Prinya Chindaprasirt

20. Coal power development by electricity generating authority of thailand (egat) for clean energy
Chatchawan Vongmahadlek, Jatuporn Vongmahadlek

21. Effect of elevation to accuracy in water pipeline network simulation
Rangsan Wannapop, Thira Jearsiripongkul, Krit Jiamjiroch

22. Effect of drying methods on property of thai rice cracker
P. Thanompongchart, P. Pintana, K. Phimphilai, N. Tippayawong

23. Economic value evaluation of the mekong river’s flooding alert system using contingent valuation method
Phanuchai Pramuanl, Saksri Rakthai

24. Suitable forming condition of hydroxyapatite and bioactive glass composites for a bone fixation plate using taguchi experimental design
Siwasit Pitjamit, Phanrawee Sriprapha, Wasawat Nakkiew

25. The effect of epoxy-functionalized chain extender on crystal growth and morphology of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) (phbv)
Sitthi Duangphet, Damian Szegda, Jim Song, Karnik Tarverdi

26. Inhibitor formation during glucose and xylose production from corncob hydrolysate and the effect to bioethanol production
Sompong Sukklang, Jirawan Apiraksakorn

27. Removable pb (ii) from aqueous solutions by adsorption onto natural and modified leonardite
Atit Wannawek, Pusit Pookmanee, Sakchai Satienperakul, Ratchadapon Putharod, Nattapol Laorodphan, Sukon Phanichphant

28. The design of an efficient wind direction measurement using digital positioning method for smart house
Habib Bin-ahmad

29. Applying fault-tolerance on multi-microcontroller system with rtos
Chayanan Kuruwasri, Daranee Hormdee

30. Development of daily temperature prediction model for northeastern thailand using artificial neural networks
Sukrit Kirtsaeng, Pattara Sukthawee, Banluesak Khosuk, Fatah Masthawee, Nuttapong Pantong, Kasamawan Taorat

31. Khaen sound synthesis using a subtractive method
Kittipitch Meesawat

32. Support vector regression-based synthesis of 12-lead ecg system from the standard 5 electrode system using lead v1
Piroon Kaewfoongrungsi, Daranee Hormdee

33. Physical and mechanical properties of paradise tree seeds (simarouba glauca dc.)
Wiriya Suaili, Kittipong Laloon, Somposh Sudajan, Chaiyan Junsiri

34. Production lot sizing problem with sudden obsolescence and machine breakdowns
Thanawath Niyamosoth, Supachai Pathumnakul, Sirikorn Prathumthip