1. The effect of mixture and size of fish food on the fish food qualities producing from the waste of agriculture and fishery
Naruebodee Srisang, Ugris Kongbankuan, Nurhayani Jarong, Siriwan Srisang

2. Utilisation of discarded motorcycle inner tubes as the reinforcement for embankments
Panu Promputthangkoon, Bancherd Karnchanachetanee

3. Hybrid neural network modeling and optimization of an anaerobic digestion of shrimp culture pond sediments in biogas production process
Nardruedee Ruamtawee, Wachira Daosud, Yanisa Laoong-u-thai, Paisan Kittisupakorn

4. Effect of nozzle position on water ejector efficiency
Sutida Phitakwinai, Sirichai Thepa, Wanich Nilnont

5. Apply image processing to measure the moisture content of rice kernel
Adcha Heman, Sirawit Maitawee

6. Hybrid forecast models for pm-10 prediction: a case study of chiang mai city of thailand during high season
Rati Wongsathan, Issaravuth Seedadan, Supawat Wanasri

7. Mechanical properties of a hot rolled stainless steel sheet
Anut Siripanya, Nattapon Chantarapanich, Sujin Wanchat

8. Measurement and analysis of radium 226 in drinking water at amphoe muang khon kaen via manganese fibers using gamma-spectrometry
Vitsanusat Atyotha

9. Face recognition and verification based on 2d circle technique
Weenakorn Ieosanurak, Watcharin Klongdee

10. Microwave assisted extraction of barakol from senna siamea
Thitiphan Chimsook

11. Neural network-based quality evaluation of germinated hang rice
Jumpol Itsarawisut, Kiattisin Kanjanawanishkul

12. The impact of transport infrastructure development on modal shift: case study of rubber goods in the southern thailand
Paramet Luathep, Sittha Jaensirisak, Sommat Saengpradab

13. Grounded series rl-type lossy inductance simulator using gm-c
Sasitaporn Theingjit, Worapong Tangsrirat

14. Researching the existence of a number of harmful microorganisms in biological padding for raising pigs used in livestock of vietnam
Thi Hoang Nga Vo, Thi Dung Le

15. Aluminum alginate as a solid catalyst for esterification of lactic acid with 1-butanol
Kanungnit Chawong, Boonpradab Daengpradab, Panarat Rattanaphanee

16. Development of computer-aided design module for automatic gemstone setting on halo ring
Somlak Wannarumon Kielarova, Prapasson Pradujphongphet, Chokenithi Nakmethee

17. Combined effect of air temperature and velocity on drying of thai rice cracker
P. Pintana, P. Thanompongchart, K. Phimphilai, N. Tippayawong

18. Single and combined chemical coagulants for oscillatoria sp. removal in raw water for water treatment plant
Saowapak Thammasane, Thaniya Kaosol

19. Using cfd to find the best placement of hdd production machinery for major renovation of factory clean room
Jatuporn Thongsri, Monsak Pimsarn, Worapol Tangsopa

20. Integration of value engineering and theory of inventive problem solving (triz) for increasing the value of industrial products: case study of air-conditioner
Ruephuwan Chantrasa, Charnchai Phontri, Veeraya Louangsinsiri

21. Characterization and elemental composition of lignite and rubber wood sawdust pellets
Rithy Kan, Thaniya Kaosol, Perapong Tekasakul

22. Improvement of acoustoelastic coefficient for residual stress measurement by ultrasonic in low carbon steel
Mai Noipitak, Boonhlua Khwansri

23. The strength analysis of an agriculture truck chassis using finite element method
Jakkree Wichairahad, Pairat Kaewsarn, Wiparat Nisapai, Sirintra Tan-Intara-Art, Waraporn Chanwiang

24. Development of low cost heart rate device for contribution rural local medical in nakhon phanom province thailand
Supachai Prainetr

25. Adsorption of cu(ii) from synthetic wastewater employing chicken eggshell
Manit Aungchotipun, Lupong Kaewsichan

26. Experimental investigation of thermal performance enhancement in tubular heat exchanger fitted with rectangular-winglet-tape vortex generator
Chotiwut Prasopsuk, Panuwat Hoonpong, Sompol Skullong, Pongjet Promvonge

27. Biogas simulation with mixed gas free on metal cutting
Chairat Hongthong, Somchai Jaiajitsawat, Somchai Kritpolwiwattana

28. Experimental investigation on convection heat transfer in solar air heater with perforated-winglet vortex generators
Narin Koolnapadol, Sombat Tamna, Witoon Chingtuaythong, Sompol Skullong, Pongjet Promvonge

29. Fuzzy analytical modeling for sensory evaluation of water meal (wolffia arrhiza (l.) wimm.) - rice cracker
Patareeya Lasunon, Nipaporn Sengkhamparn

30. Maximum temperature prediction for concrete sections during cooling phase
Pattamad Panedpojaman, Pong-in Intarit

31. Effect of spent wash liquor on soil ph, electrical conductivity, organic matter, extractable calcium and magnesium of coarse-textured and fine-textured soils
Suttipong Pruangka, Mongkon Ta-oun

32. Hybrid of scattering matrix method and wave iterative algorithm for waveguide cascaded irises
Pinit Nuangpirom, Somsak Akatimagool

33. Improvement of reliability in distribution systems by optimal location and size of solar pv systems
Noppadol Kranjanaudom, Uthane Supatti

34. Effect of moisture content on physical properties of cassava stalk pellets
Nisanath Kaewwinud, Porntep Khokhajaikiat, Apichart Boonma, Chaiyan Chansiri

35. Profenofos pesticide biodegradation under presence of natural organic carbon
Jiraporn Klonjapo, Nakharin Therdkiattikul, Sumana Siripattanakul-Ratpukdi

36. Deriving the 12-lead ecg from an easi-lead system via support vector regression
Piroon Kaewfoongrungsi, Daranee Hormdee

37. Marine ecosystem impact assessments of offshore petroleum production in the eia process of thailand: principles, practices, and suggestions for improving effectiveness
Sarawuth Chesoh, Burachat Sripitak

38. Ethanol production by co-fermentation of molasses and oil palm empty fruit bunch hydrolysate
Trinset Weeraphan, Vasana Tolieng, Vichien Kitpreechavanich, Somboon Tanasupawat, Ancharida Akaracharanya

39. Whiteness index prediction of para rubber sheet during hot air drying
Chaiwat Rattanamechaiskul, Nittaya Junka, Jakkrit Potichalung, Thawatchai Wingwon, Wattana Boontum, Naruebodee Srisang

40. Application of value stream mapping for analysis and performance improvement of black glutinous rice supply chain
Y. Janthawong, W. Wattanutchariya, K.Y. Tippayawong

41. Filter random forest for indoor wi-fi positioning
Shutchon Premchaisawatt, Nararat Ruangchaijatupon

42. Opportunities for improvement in five groups of smes by a new lean assessment tool
Chanchai Laoha, Seekharin Sukto

43. A mixed-integer linear program for supply chain management problem: case study of dairy department, the thai vet army school
Seksun Moryadee

44. Improving fermat factorization algorithm by dividing modulus into three forms
Kritsanapong Somsuk, Kitt Tientanopajai

45. The study of the soil texture parameter in the upland of khon kaen province; thailand
Kridsana Tianmanee, Seree Wongpichet, Eizo Taira, Masami Ueno

46. A genetic algorithm with local search for multi-product inventory routing problem with a fleet of multi-compartment vehicles
Wanida Laoraksakiat, Krisada Asawarungsaengkul

47. Removal of color, turbidity, uv254 in treated wastewater of sugar factory by aluminum and iron based coagulants
Noppakhun Petmark, Thunyalux Ratpukdi

48. Controller design and simulation of a one-degree-of-freedom power assist system for lifting objects
Nattachai Pothi

49. Modified watershed transform algorithm for cancer cell segmentation counting
Korwit Namwong, Pattarawit Polpinit, Sopit Wongkham, Charupong Saengboonmee

50. Curing behaviors and thermal degradation kinetics of polybenzoxazine-polycaprolactone blends
Sukantika Manatsittipan, Sarawut Rimdusit, Sunan Tiptipakorn