1. A grey relational analytical approach to orange peel filler particulates for tapped density experiments of green composite reinforcements
Sunday Ayoola Oke

2. Improvement of solar ethanol distillation using ultrasonic waves
Jaruwat Jareanjit

3. Early detection of parkinson’s diseases by using the relation between time response and movement characteristics of human’s arms
Wannaree Wongtrairat, Prasert Namwet, Sathiraporn Pornnimitra

4. Analysis of criteria weights for the assessment of corporate sustainability- a case study in sugar manufacturing
Panitas Sureeyatanapas, Jian-Bo Yang, David Bamford

5. Enhancing indoor positioning based on filter partitioning cascade machine learning models
Shutchon Premchaisawatt

6. Alternative modeling schemes for propositional calculus problem
Anupama Chanda

7. Seasonal rainfall forecast for cropping pattern planning using a modified k-nearest neighbor model
phailin yodpongpiput

8. Determination of trace elements in mine soil samples using portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometer- a comparative study with icp-oes
Hamdi Sahraoui, Mohamed Hachicha