1. The effects of hno3 and ch3cooh on the aqueous phase hydroxylation of benzene to phenol by hydrogen peroxide over ts-1 catalyst
Yaowaluk Chankeaw, Rudemas Manosak, Tharathon Mongkhonsi

2. Role of hybrid forecasting techniques for transportation planning of broiler meat under uncertain demand in thailand
Thoranin Sujjaviriyasup, Komkrit Pitiruek

3. Grouping eucalyptus species in kraft pulp process for cost reduction
Apiwan Pichayadecha, Angsumalin Senjuntichai

4. Simulated annealing (sa) to vehicle routing problems with soft time windows
Suphan Sodsoon, Sarayut Kornvirat, Nakhon Sodsoon

5. Match between dimensions of classroom desk and chair and anthropometric data of primary school students
Rattana Kulem, Klangduen Pochana, Angoon Sungkhapong

6. Study of assessment of quality and maturity of fresh ginger
Sirinad Noypitak, Anupun Terdwongworakul, Sumaporn Kasemsumran

7. Two-stage data envelopment analysis technique for evaluating internal supply chain efficiency
Nisakorn Somsuk, Tritos Laosirihongthong

8. Efficientcy of corrosion protection properties of epoxy resin-cashew nut shell liquid alloy reinforced with titanium dioxide
Wilaivan Loonpooht, Apishok Tangtrakarn, Pornnapa Kasemesiri

9. Development of continuous deglycerolisation reactor for ethyl ester production
Ruamporn Nikhom, Thanet Waisuwan, Sunchai Klinpikul, Sakesun Suthummanon, Kittiphoom Supalakpanya, Chakrit Tongurai

10. Determining order quantity for small traditional wholesale company by considering business environment through a simulation
Kongkiat Weeraarchakul

11. Finite element modeling of axially loaded concrete columns with metal sheet conf inement
Nitchanun Hongsinlark, Maetee Boonpichetvong, Tanyada Pannachet

12. Optimum conditions of activated carbon production from mimosa pigra l. using sodium chloride and zing chloride activation
Theethawat Singhasiri

13. Design and evaluation of a nosql database for storing and querying rdf data
Kanda Runapongsa Saikaew, Chanuwas Asawamenakul, Marut Buranarach

14. Twitter influential users ranking using twitter user characteristics
Kanda Runapongsa Saikaew, Wit Krutkam