1. Physic-chemical characterization of namu clay for industrial use
Olatunde Ajani Oyelaran

2. Defect reduction for fabric cutting process to produce polo shirts - a case study of garment factory
Panicha Suttanako, Porntep Khokhajaikiat

3. Equipment to detect bad isolator in hard disk drive testing process
Winai Tumthong, Prasertsiri Varunchittapongsa, Jiraphon Srisertpol

4. Effectiveness of motorcycle speed controlled by speed hump
Pornsiri Urapa, Jindaporn Jamradloedluk, Sahalap Homvutivong, Wichuda Satiennam

5. A simulation-based inventory management with genetic algorithm for uncertain demand for third-party logistics provider
Wuthichai Wongthatsanekorn, Jiraporn Saelim

6. Vehicle kilometers of travel and fuel consumption rate for estimating co2 emission of vehicles in khon kaen city
Thaned Satiennam, Wichuda Satiennam, Somphod Gadsadayurat, Supakorn Aranyasen, Kittiphope Srisa-ard

7. Reduction of adhesive stain defect in flexible printed circuit board on hot pressing process- a case study of electronic component factory
Sakulkaew Srisang, Somchai Puajindanetr

8. Crashworthiness behavior of fiberglass tube subjected to axial load
Visit Junchuan, Chawalit Thinvongpituk, Somya Poonaya, Ratchada Sopakayang

9. Double input converters for different voltage sources with isolated charger
Chalash Sattayarak, Pituk Bunnoon

10. Volatile organic compounds adsorption using different types of adsorbent
Pimanmes Chanayotha, Somjai Kajorncheappunngam

11. The efficiency of different types of wood charcoal on increasing carbon content on surfaces of low carbon steel in the pack carburizing process
Narongsak Thammachot, Wanna Homjabok, Naruedom Thadee

12. Improvement of thai error correction system by memetic algorithm
Krit Somkantha, Wilaiporn Kultangwattana

13. Phase morphological study on sebs compatibilized ps ldpe blends
Chatchai Kunyawut, Julia S. Higgins

14. Effects of hcl and hno3 on the oxidation of toluene to benzaldehyde by h2o2 over ts-1 modified with al in aqueous phase
Paricha Pongjirawat, Sunantha Kaenthong, Tharathon Mongkhonsi