1. Determination of rotation angle based on invariant moment and madaline for hga grasping
Nares Pokasap and Supattra Plermkamon

2. Potential evaluation of rolling stock manufacturing in thailand
Saiprasit Koetniyom and Kanit Chaloeyjanya

3. Heuristics comparison for u-shaped assembly line balancing in the apparel factory
Nuchsara Kriengkorakot and Preecha Kriengkorakot

4. Development process for integrated water resources management plan under a bottom-upparticipation perspective
Kittiwet Kuntiyawichai, Winai Sri-Amporn and Vichian Plermkamon

5. Study of flow induce vibration inside 3.5 inch hard disk drives
Wichitpon Seepangmon and Sirivit Tachajestsadarangsri

6. The study of leaching of heavy metals contaminant in cement pastes containing bagasse ashes
Worawanchai Saiwarin, Chuwit Napia and Theerawat Sinsiri

7. Product design and development for dinner chair of kansei engineering
Sirichai Yodwangjai

8. The study on the properties of aisi 4140 and aisi 1040 steel rods welded by friction welding
Thanee Toomprasen,Chawalit Thinvongpituk and Sukangkana Talangkun

9. Development of the on-demand fuel injection system for a light truck using thehydrogen enriched compressed natural gas (hcng) fuel
Sarawoot Watechagit, Ruangdet Panduang, Natthaporn Prommakorn, Peeraya Siriput,Yaowateera Achawangkul and Bunyongvut Chullabodhi

10. Fuzzy goal programming approach for multi-objective multi-mode resource constrained
Busaba Phruksaphanrat and Saran Jarernsuk

11. Effects of diesel and bio-diesel oils temperature on spray and performance of a diesel engine
Ekkachai Sutheerasak

12. Applications of a saving method with max-min ant system to a vehicle routingproblem with time windows and speed limits
Suphan Sodsoon, Sarayut Kornvirat and Nakhon Sodsoon

13. Rainfall forecast in northeast of thailand using modified k-nearest neighbor
Uruya Weesakul, Nkrintra Singhratta and Narongrit Luangdilok

14. Alkali-activated binders geopolymer and an application to environmental engineering
Nida Chaimoon and Krit Chaimon

15. Review of research on k-anonymization technique to transform data for privacy preservation
Nararat Ruangchaijatupon