1. Monitoring corrosion levels of fly ash concrete reinforcement using electromagnetic method
Jumpol Itsarawisut, Somchat Sonasang, Thosapol Manasri, Prinya Chindaprasir, Chiranut Sa-ngiamsak

2. Floats in repetitive construction for the program ku rcp 2.0
Tana Panyowatkul, Suneerat Kusalasai

3. A vector control system for two-phase induction motor drives
Nuttapong Muangchan

4. Risks of accidents in construction works and risk management for unsafe acts- the case study of construction projects in uttaradit rajabhat university
Siwat Kamonkunanon

5. Calculation of solar radiation absorption by ozone in the atmosphere of thailand
Sayan Phokate

6. Analytic hierarchy process for cell layout selection and simulation for electronic manufacturing service plant
Busaba Phruksaphanrat

7. The selecting sugar cane plantation development system for harvesting by considering the accessing to the sugar cane plantation
Noptada Chaibung, Kanchana Sethanan

8. Behavior of concrete bridges strengthened with cfrp
Naris Graisorn, Piya Chotickai

9. Amelioration of the resolution of a high precision electronic inclinometer nivel20
Siriwan Boripatkosol

10. Influences of various factors on half-cell potential testing
Sirisil Kalayanakoul, Sirapong Suwanpunjasil, Tada Yocapajorn, Wanchai Yodsudjai

11. Critical buckling moment of pfrp simple c-channel beam under the uncertainty of strength of materials
Chongsin Sookoomjariyapong, Sanguan Vongchavalitkul

12. Unsupervised neural networks and its applications
Banchar Arnonkijpanich