1. Effects of vibration on the off-track positioning of the piezoelectric head gimbal assembly in hard disk drive
Nitipan Vittayaphadung, Pruittikorn Smithmaitrie

2. Comparison of mathematical models equilibrium moisture content for sheet rubber
Wasan Jeentada

3. Investigation of abrasion of concrete containing pozzolan
Navin Kakhunthod, Sahalaph homwuttiwong, Maneerat Ongwandee

4. Method production scheduling using a comparison of genetic algorithm and other general methods
Adul Phuk-in

5. Stabilization industrial waste of kaolin for road material
Aroondet Boonsung

6. Effect of welding parameter on pitch angle for electronic circuit process
Thanapong Punchit, Kontorn Chamniprasart, Keerati Sulaksna

7. Effect of the height of bed on exhaust gas in a rice husk fired cyclone combustor
Wisit Lelaphatikul

8. Development of a game boy based radiation survey meter
Decho Thong-Aram, Suvit Punnachaiya

9. Humidity and temperature control in an evaporative cooling system of a poultry house
Kritsadang Senawong, Sorayute Winitchai, Thana Radpukdee