1. Biogas production from food waste added with crude glycerin produced from biodiesel production
Somjintana Limsuk, Poonyawee Peantum, Anurak Petiraksakul

2. Development of low pressure steam generator for household industry
Pornprasitc Kongboon, Jeerasak Peanjaroanc, Sutep Chooklin

3. Applying fuzzy technique for multi-objective machine assignment problem in electronic part factory
Kanlaya Hemakorn, Wuthichai Wongthatsanekorn

4. A study of physical distribution model in suratthani province
Jiradaj Ditamapai, Nikorn Sirivongpaisal, Sakesun Suthummanonsal

5. The effect of the diameter ratios on the effectiveness of the concentric tube heat exchanger
Sarthit Toolthaisong, Bundit Kritacom, Sunchai Rampoepadong

6. The influence of friction time and contact angles in friction welding for polyethylene pipes
Surachai Junchana, Chawalit Thinvongpituk

7. A mathematical model for production scheduling in a hard disk drive component industry
Pachara Chatavithee, Supachai Pathumnakul

8. The development of automatic control system to adjust a cycle speed of a bagasse dust conveyor system for energy saving
Sittiporn Somsap, Ratchaphon Suntivarakon

9. Water level measurement using semicylindrical capacitance measurement technique
Supagorn katathikarnkul, Kanadit Chetpattananondh

10. Design of decision support system for multimodal transportation route selecting between thai and vietnam
Warapoj Meethom, Somchai Pornchaivivat

11. The use of remote sensing technology for evaluation of flood damages- a review literature
Chattichai Waisurasingha

12. On-chip transformer- overview, apllications and modeling
Rawid Banchuin