1. Defect reduction of door mirror adjustment
Jirayu Prapaanantachai, Jeerapat Ngaoprasertwong

2. Design of a speed sensorless vector control system for induction motor drive based on model reference adaptive system
Nuttapong Muangchan, Vijit Kinnares

3. The design and construction of wireless spray weeds robot controlled by microcontroller
Chaiporn Addoddorn

4. The use of local pozzolan in fiber reinforced concrete
Vanchai Sata

5. Autoscopetm practice
Thamma Jairtalawanich

6. Evaluation of head stack assembly pitch static attitude by means of finite element analysis- a case study of 2.5-in hard disk drives
Rattaphom Khlaiaksorn, Sujin Bureerat

7. Prediction of head stack assembly gram load using finite element analysis
Khemakorn Chaloemsri, Sujin Bureerat

8. Effect of bearing sleeve lead-in chamfer, and parallelism on tolerance ring installation
Piriyakorn Jirawattanakasem, Sujin Bureerat