1. Improving quality of recycled plastic products
Panita Sripraya, Charnnarong Saikaew

2. Performance enhancement of vertical - axis wind turbine by design of blade and inlet air scoop
Somchit Chinajai, Sumpun Chaitep

3. Design of five-leg inverter control for driving two three phase induction motors using a direct torque control technique
Sathit Somyadee, Vijit Kinnares

4. Rheological behavior and extrudate swell of pla filled with nanoclay
Rapeephun Dangtungee, Sarinya shawaphun, Karat Petcharoen, Kerati Pinijsattawong

5. A starting method of brushless dc motor for rotor position sensorless control using a magnetic field stator winding excited technique
Traiphop Buarakod, Vijit Kinnares

6. Meta-heuristic methods for multi-depot vehicle routing problem
Tharinee Manisri, Anan Mungwattana

7. The influence of blanching on mass transfer characteristics during osmotic dehydration of bilimbi fruit
Waigoon Rittirut, Chairat Siripatana

8. Performance of differential detection with psm versus bpm signal for uwb indoor communication system over multipath channel
Chanyuth Chanatrirattanaphan, Phichet Moungnoul

9. Pipeline localization using unsupervised neural network technique
Amonrit Puttipipatkajorn