1. A novel versatile current-mode universal biquadratic network and its applications
Winai Jaikla, Montree Siripruchyanun

2. Effects of ambient temperature and thermostat setting position on water cooler energy consumption
Charoenporn Lertsatitthanakorn, Vatinee Sukmak

3. Reservoir flood control policy using dynamic programming
Thana Boonyasirikul, Karun Jaipanya, Adisak Chusuk

4. A computer program for the management of a pressurized irrigation system for organic plants
Chompoonud Kulketwong, Vinai Klajring, Songvoot Sangchan

5. Effect of spot air movement on thermal comfort and energy saving in an airconditioned space
Surat Atthajariyakul

6. Comparison of signal processing techniques for fault detection in helical spur gears
Setthapong Hamcumpai, Sujin Bureerat, Nawapak Eua-Anant

7. Transport parameters and heavy metal adsorption of a compacted lateritic soil
Tanit Chalermyanont, Surapon Arrykul, Nantanit Charoenthaisong

8. Morphological changes of river due to construction of a port at baan paeng, nakorn panom
Chaiyuth Chinnarasri, Wannachai Butthongdee, Surakai Banchuen

9. The transition curve from plate-like to beam-like behavior in the free vibration of clamped-clamped beams and plates
Jirawat Waroonrod, Kiatfa Tangchaichit

10. Transition curve from plate-like to beam-like behavior of free-free beams and plates
Chittapol Kongsila, Kiatfa Tangchaichit