1. Development of geothermal energy in thailand
Charoenporn Lertsatitthanakorn

2. Analyses of stress distribution in overhanging traffic sign pole using finite element method
Thongchai Fongsamootr, Prakorb Chartpuk

3. The control of e.coli colony by using various electric field
K. Tonmitr, A. Suksri, A. Kaewrawang, W. Tonmitr

4. The physical properties of physic nut oil and performance of diesel engine using physic nut oil as a fuel
Chumsunti Santaweesuk, Adun Janyalert-adun, Pisit Techarungpaisan

5. Effects of small gasoline engine adding pure oxygen in air fuel mixture
Wanchai Saenkumvong, Vasith Teerajetgul, Meechai Khamsa-ard, Suriya Jathaisong

6. Investigation on characteristics of ejector refrigeration using cfd
Wirapan Seehanam, Kulachate Pianthong, Masud Behnia, Thanarath Sriveerakul, Satha Aphornratana

7. Design of cmos current controlled current differencing transconductance amplifier and its applications
Winai Jaikla, Montree Siripruchyanun

8. Mechanism of stabilization of kaolin by polymerization technique
Amolvan Pisitthavanich, Wichai Sungwongpatansaku

9. Performance and emission characteristics in diesel engine using biodiesel from waste cooking oil - ethanol blend as a fuel
Ittipon Worapun, Kulachate Pianthong, Sangobtip Pongstabodee, Denpong Soodphakdee