1. Engineering aspects of biological studies on mobile phone safety
Artnarong Thansandote, Gregory Gajda, James McNamee, Eric Lemay, Pascale Bellier

2. The comparison of the results obtained from the finite element analysis of a deep excavation benchmark problem
Ankana Punlor

3. The lightning effects to the aircraft front nose radome region
K. Tonmitr, A. Kaewrawang, A. Suksri, W. Thanasate-Angkool

4. Improving tcp protocol performance over wireless networks with the modified snoop protocol
Yutthapong Manutsayanon, Mayuree Lertwatechakul

5. Mathematical model and optimum sizing for a solar banana dryer combined with parabolic trough and phase change .....
Natthaphon Roonprasang, Pichai Namprakai, Naris Pratinthong

6. Durability of kaolin stabilized by polymerization technique
Wichai Sungwornpatansakul, Wachiraphon Thitasatcha

7. Investigation on precast prestressed concrete slabs strengthened with cfrp plates sujected to transverse loads
Sittichai Seangatith, Naris Pichianchote

8. The study of streaming traffic behavior
Sarawut Amarasing, Mayuree Lertwatechakul

9. Non-destructive maturity measurement of montong durian using stem strength and resonant frequency
Anupun Terdwongworakul, Natawut Neamsorn

10. Sesame oil separator
Pisit Techarungpaisan, Ariyaporn Pongrat