1. The effect of biodiesel on diesel engine performance
Watcharaphon Poonnakhun, Prapat Suntivarakorn, Somnuk Theragulpisut, Chanoknun Sookkumnerd

2. A dynamic location problem of the sugar cane loading station and problems of clustering sugar cane growers
Panitarn Peerapattana, Ratthai Tananupappaisal, Chatchai Boonyu, Veerapat Sessomboon

3. The effect of temperature, time and solvent on an extraction of curcumin from turmeric
Somjai Kajorncheappunngam

4. A comparative study on dynamic response of different floor types subjected to walking load
Kittisak Kuntiyawichai, Wiwat Puatatsananon, Griengsak Kaewkulchai, Suchart Limkatanyu

5. A design of low cost gate drive using a single power supply for a threephased inverter
Krit Choeisai, Prayong Saokaew

6. A study of the air temperature and velocity profile in dan-kwian village kiln cause by rectangular holes in the side wall
Kiatfa Tungjaijit, Pakornwit Pattha

7. A novel precision current-mode fullwave rectifier using current-controlled current conveyors and otas
Winai Jaikla, Montree Siripruchyanun

8. The comparison of the i-v characteristic simulated by using bsim3v3 and ekv2.6 models on pspice for a mos transistor biased with ....
Chiranut Sa-ngiamsak, Sanchai Harnsoongnoen