1. Automatic illuminance controlling system with processing and analyzing system unit for energy saving purpose
Witsarut Sriratana

2. Validation of soil models by using numerical element test programs
Ankana Punlor

3. Cold water piping design by microsoft visual basic
Panomchai Weerayutsil

4. Removal of hexane waste in waste from pesticide analysis by wastewater treatment plant sludge
Poowanat Kumkhinam, Pinthita Mungkarndee, Wanpen Wirojanagud

5. Experimental studies on the roof pond house under tropical climatic conditions
Wipawadee Wongsuwan, Thongchai Fongsamootre, Matthew O.T. Cole

6. Analysis of unbalanced voltage & its effects on stator currents of an induction motor using phase angle of complex voltage unbalance factor as an indicator
Teerayut Sa-ngiamsak, Prapas Prisuwanna

7. The transition curve from plate-like to beam-like behaviour of cantilevered beams and plates
Nitipong Photong, Kiatfa Tangchaichit

8. Beef drying using infrared radiation
Umphisak Teeboonma, Tanapat Suwanakoot, Somchart Soponronnarit

9. Analysis of effect of upper die radius and limit drawing ratio in deep drawing processes using finite element method
Chaiwat Yingsukwattana, Samruad Inban