1. Electric sparks detection in power transformer via ultraviolet detector
Ammart Sulsri

2. Testing of electromagnetic shield room at the frequency range of 3.5 to 5.5 ghz
Arkom Kaewrawang, Wichai Premchaisawat, Wisitsak Charoensuk, Waiard Saikong

3. Analysis of water situation at provincial level
Sacha Sethaputra, Pakorn Saksrichaisakul, Porntip Titisoponwanitch

4. The comparative study of methods used to clarify sugar-cane juice for cane syrup production- cold liming and carbonation
Rungthiwa Methaapanon, Wilaiwan Chouyyok, Seeroong Prichanont

5. The study of transport-noise pollution impacts
Thamma Jairtalawanich

6. An unglazed metallic roof panel solar water heater with a natural circulation
Rewat Khunthongjan, Umphisak Teeboonma, Pisit Techarungpaisan

7. Effect of row numbers of automobile radiator on heat transfer performance
Atipoang Nuntaphan, Sanparwat Vithauasai, Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat

8. The application of 12-dof element for increasing the accuracy in electric-field calculation
Nitipong Pan-Klang