1. Mixing plate and beam elements in feap- a plate stiffened with beams
Suchart Limkatanyu

2. A single-input and three-output current-mode biquadratic filter using multiple-output omas
Worapong Tangsrirat, Chockchai Larpmak, Wanlop Surakampontorn

3. Production of waterprof coating from oil derived from coprocessing of high density polyethylene, coal, lube oil, and used tyre
Apinya Duangcha, Padungsak Rattanadechsopa

4. Bipolar high voltage dc generator +-100 kv 5 ma
Kitipong Tonmitra, Amnart Suksri

5. Investigated study of close range photogrammetry for high precision measurement
Chattichai Waisurasingha

6. A parallel decoding scheme for the multiple stack algorithm
Virasit Imtawil, Mongkol Kupimai, Watana Kasang

7. Synthesis of high purity zsm-5 zeolite from lignite fly ash via two-stage process
Saifon Hanyotee, Metta Chareonpenich