1. Turbid water clarification using extraction of cowpea seeds
A.G. Liew, Y.M. Ng, M.J.M.M. Noor

2. A design and construction of speed controlled inverter for 1 phase induction motor
Paiboon Taninsutat, Polphadung Phadungkul, Luck Kitjarak, Tiencahi Nogkrut

3. Estimation of core loss of 3 hase transformer when non-sinusoidal voltage supply
Siriwich Tadsuan, Thawatchai Thammaprasit, Chanwit Tangsiriworakul and Chalermchat Manop

4. A cmos positive current clipping and a new d a converter application
Adisak Monpapassorn, Sanae Maitreechit, Sakarin Sonanta

5. Effect of non-uniform temperature distribution in the tap reactor on determination of transport and kinetic parameters
Chujai Kittisurin, Phungphai Phanawadee

6. Design of digital control using algebraic approach
Sthaporn Udomsin and Kittipat Chanasit

7. Digital measurement of percentage of rice grain's whiteness
Prakas Prisuwan and Songkrod Sriprasarn

8. The suitability of the utilization of small second-hand agricultural tractor - case study in khon kaen province
Seree Wongpichet, Cumnueng Watyotha

9. Online techique to detect shorted-turns in stator windings of 3-phase induction motors
Chalermchat Manop, Chanwit Tangsiriworakul

10. A mixed mode rc oscillator using current conveyors
Adisak Monpapassorn, Sanae Maitreechit, Sakarin Sonanta, Natth Junkrob